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Sunday, March 27, 2011  

© 2011 Pamela MacCarthy
All rights reserved


If It Ain't One Thing...


This is my first Digital Art work of 2011.

Exasperating, frustrating, and ridiculous circumstances of late have woken my inner
I knew she was in there somewhere...

My 3-2011 iPod update :

My Father's Favourite (Sense & Sensibility) - Robert Ziegler, Tony Hymas, Patrick Doyle
Lotus Flower - Radiohead
Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock & The Headhunters
Don't Go To Strangers - Etta Jones
Time (Inception) - Hans Zimmer
Alice's Theme (Alice In Wonderland) - Danny Elfman
Faded From Winter - Iron & Wine
Four Strong Winds - Neil Young, Nicolette Larsen
Streams of Whiskey - The Pogues
Women Of Ireland (Mná na hÉireann) - The Chieftains
Miss Misery - Elliott Smith
The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game - Grace Jones
Vicious Delicious - Infected Mushroom
I Get Along Without You Very Well - Nina Simone
All The Better For Her (Sense & Sensibility) - Robert Ziegler, Tony Hymas, Patrick Doyle

Till Next Time...

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3:08 PM

Thursday, March 24, 2011  

I have been following instructions
as everyone else has been
in trying to deal with things post
earthquake/tsunami/nuclear emergency/aftershocks/radiation exposure, etc.,

here in Tokyo.

The most recent issue is Tokyo tap water.

I don't dread the water,
as much as I do the lack of information
that I can get my head around.

This story from the WSJ makes sense.

But I am still not completely reassured, somehow.

No one offers a timeline on
how long this water is "healthy" for...


I have been tuning in to NHKWorld in English;
its website and evening news,
for current updates to this situation.

Being local, the information is timely,
but the especially nerve-wracking, infuriatingly-inept
non-native English speakers must go.

When you are frazzled, and waiting for important information,
this is unnerving, to put it mildly.

There are 2 Japanese to English translating voices,
that have gotten on my last nerve:

One, who speaks feebly, while she mumbles incoherently,
and the other, who has difficulty with sentence structure...

How much self control it takes not to smash my TV or computer,
while listening to this bumbling incompetence,
for important news.

My message to NHK :

FIRE and REPLACE these incompetent dim bulbs
who pose as Japanese to English
translators/news announcers, immediately!

In a city where voice-over and translation
is a competitive business,
there can be no excuse for this lack of professionalism.

Rant over.

Ah, the daily morning vertical aftershock-

I think I'd rather listen to Pinetop...

Joe Willie "Pinetop" Perkins

July 7th, 1913 - March 21st, 2011

I met "Pinetop" one early December in Tokyo,
backstage at the now defunct Park Hyatt's Annual Blues Festival.

He was a very interesting man; very dapper,
with a wealth of stories to tell,
a sparkle in his eye, and a quiet, unassuming way...

Adieu, Mr. Perkins...

Till Next Time...

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10:19 AM

Monday, March 21, 2011  

Happy Birthday

© 2011 Pamela MacCarthy
All rights reserved

Michio is 25

Till Next Time...

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10:06 AM

Saturday, March 19, 2011  

Many signs of Spring
Sweet fragrant flowers appear
Let me lose myself...

© 2011 Pamela MacCarthy

On Monday, the 21st of March,
it will be a holiday here,
the First Day of Spring.

It is also my son Michio's birthday.

We waited on line together, yesterday,
to shop for his upcoming birthday dinner/cake
I bagged most of them...

Things are looking better, somehow-
I feel Spring approaching...

Later, I met up with Lorna & Valerie in Fuchu.

We waited in line to enter Foris at that day's
opening time of 1:45pm.

The shops are all open different times everyday,
due to scheduled possible power outages.

Nothing is "regular".

As necessities are no longer located all in one place,
shopping has become a game.

We chatted over café au lait,
later strolling about
looking at the traveling
arts, crafts, & jewelry displays...

There was an interesting couple;
a Japanese man, and his Polish wife,
selling lovely pieces of Baltic Amber...

Lorna & I stepped outside,
and we caught this indescribably sweet scent
of the Jinchoge flower...

I clipped a small piece to put in my lapel...

I meet my English Conversation students.
We haven't met in 2 weeks.

I'm sure we won't lack for conversation...

Till Next Time...

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8:21 AM

Thursday, March 17, 2011  

It was so windy and cold yesterday.

I went out early, to get a few grocery items;
a couple boxes of tissues,
as Michio has hay fever,
and this item has been selling out,
and bread.

Bread, not yet.

Then, at noon,
my & the girls met at our local coffee shop,
for an in-depth cuppa,
as our usual meeting/Ikebana place in Fuchu
is closed till the beginning of the fiscal year in April.

We discussed everything;
each others personal stories,
the power outages, the supposed radiation, our speculations,
our fears, our collective information...

Many much needed chortles were taking place...

While laughing, another aftershock/tremor hit,
but it was soon past.

We stayed on until 4:30pm,
and then we all went together to the supermarket
to see what was "new".

Some instant noodles was being stocked,
so I grabbed some.

We bid out goodbyes,
with a vow to re-meet on Friday,
headquarters to be announced,
and we all went in different directions home,
by bicycle.

I stopped in 7-11, for the hell of it.
My last stop,
I bagged a freshly delivered loaf of bread!

Today, we have a scheduled power outage once again,
we'll see...

"May It Be"

Till Next Time...

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10:28 AM

Wednesday, March 16, 2011  

I just got back from the early trek to the supermarkets.
I am in good shape, so far,
but bread is tough to come by, for now.
No sooner it hits the shelves, and it's sold out!

If you think rice is the main staple in Japan,
I'd say bread was running a close second...

The American Embassy in Tokyo
concurs that we are not in danger, at present.
I keep checking regularly for reputable news updates...

Last night, another earthquake, not aftershock, hit;
a little nearer to us than the big one on Friday.
A magnitude 6.1, epicenter in Shizuoka Prefecture...

We are all contacting each other,
keeping the support going, while weathering this.

I'm going to meet with my girlfriends today,
for a cuppa and exchanging of info.

Everything's strange
Recalibrating balance;
Friends, coffee, and talk!

© 2011 Pamela MacCarthy

Till Next Time...

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10:37 AM

Tuesday, March 15, 2011  

" 'Mela " dramas, continue...

Yesterday, Michio and I
took the bike ride to the supermarket.

I was dreading it, to be honest.
The last time I shopped was Saturday,
and I stocked up for a couple of days, then.

But that was before the planned power outage messages
broadcast in the streets, and on local TV.
I didn't know what to expect.

Luckily, Michio's university canceled classes for 2 days,
so far, so he was able to help out at home...

We got to the market, and a long line was waiting.

People on it were orderly, calm, and low-key,
except this one old dude who must have Tourette's syndrome,
or something,
as he kept uttering a loud "bakayaro!"
at no one in particular...

People in line paid him no mind,
and it gave this surreal situation a quirky human quality...

2 women stood on the sidelines,
and in between their utterances of "sugoi",
they took turns taking photos of all of us standing in the long line.
Rather than lose my place in line to go smash their cellphones,
I let it be.
More trouble, I don't need.
But I felt it annoyingly in bad taste.

There was a man standing at the entrance informing people
that bread and CUP NOODLES was sold out.

Once we got inside, there was produce,
some meats, and most other items were still on the shelves,
and we stocked up for a few days.

The long lines were due to crowd control,
so that the shopping experience was not a mob scene of panic,
but calm, where you could have a list, pick up your items,
and split.

I was very relieved of that,
and would like to commend the supermarket employees
for their consideration of peoples' frazzled nerves...

I have water stored, for a precaution.

Power outages that were supposed to happen yesterday,
and early this morning, did not.

But an aftershock woke me up at 5am.

It's day to day, for the time being.

But about now, 2 weeks on a beach that doesn't move,
would'nt suck!

Till Next Time...

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10:00 AM

Monday, March 14, 2011  

Yesterday, I braved the odds
to go out to meet my relatives who traveled
here from the USA on the 10th.
Michio stayed home,
to hold down the fort.

I was nervous, but apart from the streets being quieter,
everything was running.

But today, there will be power outages.

2 three hours blocks, where I live.
They announced it on local TV last night.
It's different times for every area, but most areas
from Kanto up, are affected...

It is going to take some adapting, to cope with this.
Electricity runs everything, here...

I'll post more tomorrow.

Michio has no school today,
we're going to buy candles and things...

Till Next Time...

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7:37 AM

Sunday, March 13, 2011  

The INJ Tokyo St. Patrick's Parade
has been postponed to next week, March 20th.

I am relieved to know that everyone I know here is OK,
but the devastation elsewhere...

My Aunt Toni,
who arrived here late afternoon on 3/10,
with her son & his fiance, is fine.

What a souvenir, they will take home!

Now, the next thing is
radiation is in the air.

Should I go out,
should I stay in?

So far, there has been a fair degree of normalcy;
I've been able to shop in the supermarket,
the phones & email working,The Internet, etc...
The trains are running slow;
no express, only local, which means slow going.

Cedar-pollen hay fever masks have been prevalent,
for some time now,
this is street "normal"-

But the prospect of wearing
a wet face mask, and covering up exposed skin
to go out today, for radiation protection
is quickly losing its "tee hee" factor.

I'm trying to keep perspective
and mindful of how lucky we are to have survived
when so many others have not...

Till Next Time...

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8:03 AM

Friday, March 11, 2011  

My concert for tonight has been cancelled due to the earthquake
this afternoon...

I was riding my bike to my station, to get to my gig for an early rehearsal.
About 2:40pm,
the ground started weaving, then shaking violently.
I got off my bike and just stood in the street,
watching the swaying electric wires, as they clanged back and forth.

I felt a little scared, standing there.

Soon after, I was able to contact my son, at his school;
he is fine, but unable to commute home.

Then, my mobile phone service went out.
Trains were stopped, so no way to leave,
or return, or contact anyone!

I am greatly disappointed to cancel my show,
but thankful to God
we survived.

I'll reschedule,
my gig,

Till Next Time...

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7:34 PM

Thursday, March 10, 2011  

Pamela MacCarthy's
Live Schedule

Tomorrow, Friday, March 11th 2011,
I will celebrate my
"20th Year of Live Jazz in Tokyo"
with a special performance at
Jazz Spot "J",
in Shinjuku.

I am very happy to be performing with this
special group of some of my favorite musicians;
that I have known and worked with
during the past 20 years, here in Tokyo,
for this event!

The Line Up:

Pamela MacCarthy - vocals

Aoki, Hiromu - piano

Chris Silverstein - bass

James Mahone - tenor sax

Jimmie Smith - drums

Showtimes: 7:15, 8:45, 10:15pm
Music Charge : ¥2500
Jazz Spot "J"
B1 5-1-1 Royal Mansion, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
03 3354-0335
Call for reservations...

Till Next Time...

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7:23 AM

Wednesday, March 02, 2011  

Happy Birthday to "Meladramas"
8 years old today...

Till Next Time...


9:12 AM

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