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Saturday, November 28, 2009  

I had a good night at Tokyo Dome Hotel's Artist Cafe,
last night.

I haven't played there in a long time.
The view is still as spectacular as I remembered...

©2009 Pamela MacCarthy

View from my dressing room
@ The Artists Cafe,
43rd Floor, Tokyo Dome Hotel

The Line-up:

Pamela MacCarthy - vocals
Peter St. Ledger - piano
Takata, Ichi - bass

It was a beautiful clear, cool night-
Comfortable for wearing my hair down...

©2009 Pamela MacCarthy

Pamela MacCarthy
Live @ Tokyo Dome Artist Cafe


I enjoyed working with Peter St. Ledger,
it was a first of may-haps
many more appearances together...

My dear friend Michael came to see me.

©2009 Pamela MacCarthy

Street level

Till Next Time...
Mela signiature

10:23 AM

Thursday, November 26, 2009  

To all my family;
dear friends & readers
far & wide:

Till Next Time...
Mela signiature

7:43 AM

Thursday, November 19, 2009  

Yesterday was an enchanted day...

It had been raining for a couple days.

Then, in the morning, a sky so clear and blue!

It reminded me of a song
from my High School Musical;
Lionel Bart's Oliver!

That was the first musical I performed in,
and it lit a fire in me...

Standing onstage as a young girl
dressed in a peasant costume,
I was singing in the chorus.

The curtain closed, and we all stood in silence/darkness on the stage.
Then, the lights came up,
the curtained re-opened,
and the applause...

I'll be performing next on
November 27th, Friday,
at Tokyo Dome's Artist Cafe, 43F...

After Ikebana yesterday,
seeing my friends
and investigating a new hair salon/hairdresser and a new gym/pool,
I felt rejuvenated and hopeful for the New Year...

Here are some photos I took
walking me & my bicycle home yesterday.

The rain created large puddles in the previously very dry,
making interesting reflections of the majestic sky:

©2009 Pamela MacCarthy

Reflections in a Puddle 1

©2009 Pamela MacCarthy

Reflections in a Puddle 2

©2009 Pamela MacCarthy

Who Will Buy?

"Who Will Buy"
Jon Lucien

Till Next Time...
Mela signiature

9:49 AM

Saturday, November 14, 2009  

©2009 Pamela MacCarthy

Grey clouds contrasting
the fiery Persimmon leaves-
Melancholic joy!

©2009 Pamela MacCarthy

My updated iPod "11" list:

Passing Afternoon - Iron & Wine
Autumn Woods - George Winston
Requiem In D Minor, K 626 - 3. Sequentia: Dies Irae ( Mozart ) - Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna Singverein, Conductor: Herbert Von Karajan
How Long Has This Been Going On? - Carmen McRae ( MJ Cole Remix )
Only The Lonely - The Motels
Let's Misbehave - Bobby Short
The Big Blue Overture - Eric Serra
Push & Pull - Nikka Costa
Dexter's Tune ( Awakenings ) - Randy Newman
Sea - George Winston
Your Mind Is On Vacation - Mose Allison
Human Nature - Eric Serra
Full Diva Opera ( Fifth Element ) - Inva Mula-Tchako
Illumination - Thievery Corporation
Baby, I'm In The Mood For You - Odetta
Mumbles - Clark Terry & The Oscar Peterson Trio

Till Next Time...
Mela signiature

5:26 PM

Friday, November 06, 2009  

I arrived at Jazz Spot "J", Shinjuku,
with my NY Yankees World Series Championship 2009
mojo goin' on!

On the way in,
I chatted with a cab driver;
covering important issues
such as why he won't go around a standing bus,
Hideki Matsui's MVP award,
his incredible job on game 6,
and how fabulous it is that the newly-opened-this-year Yankee Stadium
also posts its first World Series Championship!

Tokyo/New York fans of the boys in pin stripes
were feelin' alright...

My gig at Jazz Spot "J" in Shinjuku
was a hit!

A nice group of my friends, fans, and the newest group;
my students of English conversation,
were in attendance...

I received a most gorgeous bouquet of red roses and white lilies
from my students, a group of 11 very cool ladies...

©2009 Pamela MacCarthy

Jim Murray- piano Pamela MacCarthy- vocals, Eiji Nonaka - bass
Live @ Jazz Spot "J"
November 5th, 2009

I had a couple of rehearsals in advance with Jim ,
as he is new to work with.

We met on a gig a time ago,
and I remembered his playing...

Jim is also an artist.

Also new to work with,
Nonaka, Eiji on bass.

He plays bass with swing,
precision, and a light touch.
I like that.
Like a cat burglar...

Watanabe, Masasuke was my man on the drums.

He's a dependable time keeper;
with a great ear, and subtlety...

A very good combination of players,
this time...

My set list:

How About You?
You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
Where Or When
In A Mellow Tone
Autumn Leaves

On The Sunnyside Of The Street
September Song
There's No Business (Like Show Business)
Autumn in NY
There Will Never Be Another You

The Way You Look Tonight
When October Goes
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
New York, New York

Till Next Time...
Mela signiature

11:37 AM

Monday, November 02, 2009  

Halloween was a blast!

I went out early morning to get tickets for the evening showing of This is it.

While out, I went in person to make dinner reservations at
a fabulous local Indian cuisine restaurant
called Ganesh.

When I arrived back home,
a package was waiting,
from my sister Wendy in the US.

My shoes have arrived!

Bless your heart, sistah!

Club Mary Jane Doc Martens

Later, when the sun went down,
I made my entrance...

©2009 Pamela MacCarthy

"This Is It" was an excellent documentary on Michael's final tour preparation.

It must have been an experience for the cast of this tour;
to work so hard with someone
for whom they had the utmost respect for,
and heartbreaking
to then lose the chance to fly with it
after Michaels' passing...

That is the importance of this film.
It's all there.

Michael, together with his cast,
created an artistically amazing new stageshow of his best-loved music,
to include the talent of a younger generation.

He was the Pied Piper!

This Was It.

After the movie, I strolled the streets;
the clear, warm night, my new Doc Martens, and an almost full moon,
made walking a pleasure...

Every Halloween is different...

This year, it was mellow.

That's the word.

In a mellow tone
Feeling fancy free
And I'm not alone
I've got company

Everything's OK
The live long day
With this mellow song
I can't go wrong

In a mellow tone
That's the way to live
If you mope and groan
Something's gotta give

Just go your way
And laugh and play
There's joy unknown
In a mellow tone

In a Mellow Tone

-Duke Ellington

Till Next Time...
Mela signiature

8:29 AM

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