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Friday, December 29, 2006  

Christmas was a wonderful time!
My son Michio painted this painting,
had it matted and framed,
and presented to me as a Christmas gift.

© 2006 Michio Yves Ueda
Swallowtails Rest
15 X 20 cm. tempera on paper

This year was different from Christmases in the past.

I had a lot more time to shop, cook, bake,
make fudge, and create some seasonal digital art,
in preparation for the holidays-

Time that was spent in the past years traveling,
running frantically to catch last trains,
carrying heavy costumes, make-up, & music,
for my Christmas Shows,
was substituted this year,
with a decidedly less tense time...

Not that I didn’t miss the performing, I did-
But, I enjoyed the spontaneity of something new for me this holiday season:

No agenda.

There was an impromptu jam session
at a neighborhood Christmas party I attended...

It featured a lovely pianist of the jazz persuasion,
Nao Suzuki on piano,
myself on Resonator guitar and vocals,
my son Michio played the recorder,
and, an unamed guy was playing a shamisen.

We did a version of Greensleeves...

Funny, when things are more relaxed,
you can see more clearly the things and people who are truly important in your life,
and the friends you do have.

I had a good year in 2006.

It started with my birthday, on January 9th.
I shared my day with Michio,
as on the same day my son was declared an “adult” in Japan,
at his Seijinshiki event in the townhall...

I entered the 2006 Annual Art Print Exhibition,
at Lessedra Gallery in Sophia, Bulgaria, by invitation.
BIG thanks to Hiroshi, for helping me print my prints

I also painted my son’s portrait ,
Michio is 20 this year,
as a gift to him on his birthday
to celebrate him becoming an “adult” in Japan.

My gig at B-Flat Akasaka in June was a success!
Colin Grafton, a fabulous blues harp man joined us up on the bandstand ...

I created 3 new Digital Art pieces in 2006.
I will enter them in the 2007 Art Print Show coming up next year.

Then, there was the gig at Getsuyokan,
or Monday House,
that had me teamed up with some of my favorite musicians;

Keisaku Takahashi on piano,
Akio Ueda on tenor sax,
Canadian bassist Brent Nussey, ( who was for me a very pleasant surprise to finally get to work with)
and of course, the fabulous, Cecil Monroe on the drums.

We shared a lot of good music and laughs at that little place in the middle of nowhere.

Then, my trip to Los Angeles...

Meeting my new friend,
Young Hee, in person,
and staying with her and her family, is a nice memory!

Also, re-meeting Billy Mitchell, after many years,
and having a great show together at Cavallino’s.

photo : Glenn Mitchell of LA Jazz Scene

It was such a pleasure to work with Billy, as well as with Kenny Elliot on drums, & Tomas Gargano on bass, Tony White on tenor.

I hope we will perform together again in 2007!

I also met Glenn Mitchell, from the LA JAZZ Scene
monthly newspaper.

Meeting some old friends in Southern Ca. while in town
was also a big event for me.
My dear Marilyn, drove all the way up from San Diego.
Also Pedy & Mike, & Debby & David, in Los Angeles.

It was a chance to catch up;
and find how out how we’ve changed,
and stayed the same.
Keeping what's happenin',
and giving up what no longer works...

My gigs at Half Tone Tachikawa...

I hope the owner of this club,
Inada-san & myself,
continue to have a great working relationship.
He is one of the truly insightful jazz people I’ve met here.

Of course, Halloween was a blast!

Thanksgiving too!

I am thankful for my family here in Japan;
for helping me keep afloat through the year!

Thanks to my family back home, who continue to support me
with their love through emails, phone calls, gifts, and cards.

Hopefully in the next year, we will meet !

Thanks to all my dear friends, you all know who you are!

Thanks to my readers, for giving a hoot ...

Which brings us back to here, almost...

There are still 2 days left to this year!

Thanks to God,
for His love and guidance.

Please bring us continued good health,
and Bless the souls we've lost this year...

And if it wouldn't be too much to ask,
howsa 'bout throwin' a few choice gigs my way, in the next year, hmm?

Till next time...
Mela signiature

11:35 AM

Monday, December 25, 2006  

Merry Christmas!

Mela signiature

7:47 AM

Wednesday, December 20, 2006  

It was 17 years ago today we touched down at Osaka International Airport.

I remember the long flight, leaving just before Christmas,
saying goodbye to my family and friends...

Arriving here, Michio was 4 and 3/4 years old.
I remember the smell of mikans, brine, smoke,
and street food vendors selling stuff that I've never seen
in any of the Japanese restaurants in NYC.

I tried to create a Christmas for Michio
in this new country,
that would become our home for this long...

After a month in Osaka, we moved to Tokyo.

It takes a lot of grit to live here, at times.
I suppose there's a lot of angst and anguish anywhere you live,
it just feels unique because it's here...

I've experienced some beautiful moments living here, as well.
Moments that would make me think to myself;
They'd never believe this, back home.

They seem to occur just enough to keep the less than fabulous moments bearable.

So, I've stayed on.

Today, Michio and I will celebrate
by shopping together for Christmas dinner...

Remember the Quizzes?

You are a Snowman

Friendly and fun, you enjoy bringing holiday cheer to everyone you know!

I got your cheer, right here!

Better not look down
If you want to keep on flying
Put the hammer down
Keep it full speed ahead
Better not look back
Or you might just wind up crying
You can keep it moving
If you don't look down

Better Not Look Down

- B.B. King

Till next time...
Mela signiature

12:31 PM

Sunday, December 10, 2006  

There was Christmas decorating going on
around these premises, yesterday.

My son Michio, and I
decked the halls, and trimmed the tree...

I put one of my favorite Christmas CD’s on,
to get in the the spirit...

It was a big job, but the results are magical.

Michio, decorating...

I received in the post my Art Prints,
and catalogue,
from my participation in the
2006 Annual Art Print Exhibition,
at Lessedra Gallery in Sophia, Bulgaria.

Georgi Lessedra owner, curator.

There were 525 artists shown this year.

This is my published piece in the catalogue:

Tehani is Tahitian for "caressed by the fragrance of flowers".

Michael R. bought this print at my show last year,
DIGITAL DIARY, at Jazz Spot “J”.

I entered 3 pieces in the 2006 Art Print Show,
These are the other two:
Tian-mu, and Moss.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the work
submitted by the artists, and presented in this catalogue.

Every piece is important, separately,
but as a body of work, it is quite impressive.

I am proud to have been a part of it.

I was invited to participate next year, as well.

I look forward to one day going to Sophia, Bulgaria, to see this show in person...

Till next time...
Mela signiature

12:28 PM

Thursday, December 07, 2006  

Just a short note
to my sister Debbie,
whose birthday just happens to be today...

We now share the same age
till my birthday on January 9th.

I hope this new decade will welcome you
with grand delights,
and few troubles.
I pray your year will be full of love, health, and every happiness;
with your family around you.
May all your dearest friends
never be too far away or busy to cheer you!

I love you and miss you, and hope to God
I can see you soon,
it has been too long!

Happy Birthday, Debbie!

Mela signiature

2:40 PM

Wednesday, December 06, 2006  

Today I have some news...

First, my son Michio just finished his fall semester
at Temple University Japan.

He took two history courses as well as his major subjects
in Communications.
American History, and African American Studies.

I am very proud of his academic accomplishments,
of course.

But I am very happy to report that Michio's artwork,
along with 11 other students
will be featured on TUJ's 2007 desk calendar!

This will be his first printed art work!

I published his work here this past April,
when he created it.

Here it is, once again:

© 2006 Michio Yves Ueda

Art Meteors

pencil on paper

Next news:

Billy Mitchell; pianist, composer, producer & teacher,
was in Tokyo for a quick look around.

Mitch and I performed together in Los Angeles,
at Cavallino's in Huntington Beach this past October.

photo : Glenn Mitchell of LA Jazz Scene

Mitch and I are looking to perform a few shows together
here in Tokyo this Spring...

I am very excited about this prospect,
as Mitch and I have a wonderful musical rapport,
that I'm sure Tokyo audiences are going to appreciate!

We did very well together in Los Angeles,
and I am looking forward to continuing on with it here in Tokyo!

Pamela MacCarthy (or, Mata Hari, as Mitch calls me)
and Billy "Mitch" Mitchell in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
December 2006

Stay tuned to my calendar page for listings of our shows together
in the Spring.

As for December,
every year is different,
and this year is no exception.

My Christmas Show schedule this year
is in the very chic,
minimalist style.

Yes, my tongue is very much in cheek...

Stay tuned for updates!

Till next time...
Mela signiature

10:00 AM

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