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Saturday, September 30, 2006  

A Few Reasons Why I Like This Time of Year

The last roses of summer...
In the fields, the ready to harvest rice crop glows golden...

Riding my bike, in my neighborhood, near the train line, at dusk.

Some fields have already been harvested. There is an earthy fragrance in the air, as I ride by...

Today is the birthday of my youngest sister...

Happy Birthday, Bonnie !

Till next time...
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12:30 PM

Thursday, September 28, 2006  

To celebrate the arrival of Autumn,
I went to Asakusa to visit .

Because this is such a tourist spot,
the local people welcome foreign people...
There is an air of commerce,
but in a laid back, local style...

I had a yukata custom made for me
a few years back in one of the shops here.
I also love the sandalwood hair combs
and ornaments made in another nearby shop.

This time, I got an off-the-rack yukata,
as they carry larger sizes...

A lovely, slightly cool afternoon...

This is a famous sculpture in Ueno, affectionately known as the Golden Turd.

In Ueno, before getting on the Ginza Line.
This rickshaw guy had the most charming smile...

The entrance to the Asakusa Temple.
I love this place.
So many people visit, everyday, from all over the world...

I didn't photgraph the actual Temple.

I said a prayer for good fortune.

Once more around the park...

Walking back, in the late afternoon sun...

Ciao, Bella!

Here's my iPOD "TOM FOOLERY" list:

Linus & Lucy - Vince Guaraldi Trio
Suite #3- IV, Sarabande - Pablo Casals (J.S.Bach)
Dracula The Storm - Kronos Quartet (Philip Glass)
Mexican Radio - Wall of Voodoo
Street Life - Randy Crawford & the Crusaders
Variation on a Shaker Melody - Aaron Copeland
You're the First, My Last... - Barry White
Cuban Pete - Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball
Rio De Janeiro Blues - Randy Crawford
Funny How Time Slips Away - Al Green, Lyle Lovett
Dimming of the Day - Linda & Richard Thompson (Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood)
Last Dance with Mary Jane - Tom Petty
I'm Pullin' Through - Etta Jones
Stone Groove - Boney James
The Killing Moon - Echo & The Bunnymen
Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
String Quartet in C Minor, Op. posth. D 703 Allegro Assai - Franz Schubert (Death & The Maiden)
The Road Less Traveled - Joe Sample

I feel a hot wind on my shoulder
and the touch of a world that is older
I turn the switch and check the number
I leave it on when in bed I slumber
I hear the rhythms of the music
I buy the product and never use it
I hear the talking of the DJ
Can't understand, just what does he say?

Mexican Radio

-Wall of Voodoo

Till next time...
Mela signiature

7:40 AM

Friday, September 22, 2006  

Yeah, you know it's about that time for the Autumn Equinox,
when you start seeing and smelling these reminders.

They seem to pop up out of nowhere:

Higanbana, or Amaryllis, in English

Bright red puffs alongside the rice fields...

Kinmokusei, or Osmanthus fragrans, in English

These have such a strong, distinct fragrance for such a little flower!

In October,
I will celebrate my 30th year in showbiz by taking a trip to Los Angeles!

Heh heh. Trip.

California here I come !

Check out my calendar page for my gig info...

I will make an appearance at Cavallino's in Huntington Beach.

I will perform with the fabulous Billy Mitchell Trio
on October 12th, Colombus Day.

I met Mitch in Los Angeles a while back,
at the now defunct Los Feliz Jazz Bistro,
on Vermont Ave., in Hollywood.

I sang a few tunes with him that night.

We talked and hung out.
Now, many moons later,
we will play a gig together.

I so look forward to playing some music with him once again.

The Billy Mitchell Trio are:
Billy "Mitch" Mitchell - piano, Tomas Gargan -bass, and Frank Wilsom -drums...

In the future, he may visit Tokyo,
and play a gig here with me.

I am also looking forward to meeting my new friend,
Young Hee,
who is a regular Meladramas reader.

We have been writing to each other for over a year now,
sharing our thoughts and experiences.

I 'm looking forward to meeting her & her family!

I never thought that my Meladramas would bring me new friends...

But I had hoped.

I'll also be visiting some old friends,
maybe visit some old
haunts of mine...

Maybe I'll visit a Gallery or two,
and bring my book with me...

And, of course,
what's a trip to LA, without a visit to Pink's?

That's "dawg" not "dahg"...

Yep, I'll be dosin' myself with kulcha!

Till next time...
Mela signiature

3:06 PM

Wednesday, September 13, 2006  

Waitin' on a train...

This was me a couple nights ago...
Returning home after a birthday bash
at Club Kei , Akasaka
for my long time friend,
bass player extraordinaire, Stan Gilbert.

I walked in the joint
with another long time friend,
the master of the drums,
the smooth and elegant, Jimmie Smith.

Jimmie graced my CD
How About You? with his artistry.

Kei Ishida, owner and proprietor
of Club Kei had the party swingin'
by the time Jimmie and I arrived.

A jam session followed;
flute players, alto sax players,
Then it was me, on the mike.
Stan the birthday man, on bass,
and Jimmie on the drums...

Too right, it was...

A dude with a camera was snapping photos,
the club is too dimly lit for mobile phone photos,
at least on mine.
So when he sends me the pics, up they'll go...

was my father's birthday.

John P. MacCarthy
would have turned 71 today.

I don't have many photos of him,
but one I do have,
was taken when he was almost the same age as
my son is now.

I've mentioned this before,
back when I was painting
Michio's portrait,
how much Michio resembles my father...

My father, John P. MacCarthy at about 18 years old in Washington D.C. (circa 1954)

My son, Michio at 20 (2006) in Tokyo, Japan

My father was a musician,
and by nature played by different rules...

It takes time to accept that...

I can see him from time to time,
in my son, Michio...

R.I.P. John P.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Gunma...

'Till next time...
Mela signiature

2:04 PM

Friday, September 08, 2006  

I present my new Digital work:


© 2006 Pamela MacCarthy

See more of my digital art here.

Someday, I will get my hair cut like this.

This work was inspired by my feelings of optimism
and hope for the new beginnings arriving with Autumn...

The neighborhood farmer has just knocked on my door to inform me
that the annual spraying of DDT on the cherry trees
in the backyard will be today.
They remembered screaming and freaking out
Pamela from last year,
halting this whole operation.

This year, I get an advance notice...

In the words of Church Lady :

"Isn't that SPECIAL ? "

I'm gonna pick up and git while the birds are still singing...

Hey farmer, farmer put away that DDT
You may be savin' the plants,
but you're killing the birds and the bees
Please !
Don't it always seem to go
that you don't know
what you got till it's gone-
They pave paradise
and put up a parking lot...


-Joni Mitchell

Till next time...
Mela signiature

10:36 AM

Sunday, September 03, 2006  

I'm goin' to see The Ventures today,
at Nakano Sun Plaza.

Why these dudes aren't yet
in The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame
is a mystery to me...

I'll get back to you
on the performance...

There was an interesting bit on the RockPhiles blog,
on the 8/30/2006 entry.
Seems CBGB / OMFUG's going to pack it up
in The East Village and take it to Las Vegas.

Owner, & founder Hilly Krystal
gives the full story of his club here.

He 's packing up the front door, the turlets,
and various other bits from the original club
and toting 'em off to Vegas, for ambience...

As a person who used to frequent CBGB /OMFUG,
especially the uni-johns,
I gotta wonder if the desert air ain't about perfect
for all that ambience!

CBGB's becomes NYC history in October...

Here's my new iPOD list for September:

Bang Bang - Nancy Sinatra
Your Wildest Dreams - Moody Blues
I've Been Everywhere, Man - Johnny Cash
Morris Brown - Outkast
The Flower of Carnage ( Shura no Hana ) - Meiko Kaji
The Land of Might Have Been - Jeremy Northam ( Gosford Park Soundtrack )
Si Tu N'É tais Pas Las - Frehel ( Amelie Soundtrack)
Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
Smoke Smoke Smoke that Cigarette - Commande Cody & The Lost Planet Airmen
She Blinded Me with Science - Thomas Dolby
Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal - Mychael Danna (Vanity Fair Soundtrack)
You're My Thrill - Billie Holiday
Prodigal Son - The Rolling Stones
No Regrets - Phoebe Snow
Still... You Turn Me On - Emerson, Lake, & Palmer
September in the Rain - Dinah Washington
Better Not Look Down - B B King

Music makes the world go 'round
Where it goes (where it goes)
Ya' just don't know (ya' just don't know)

My heart is like a marching band
I'm a fan in the stands
Yes I am
and I'm hollerin'
Hey baby
Hey baby...

Morris Brown


Till next time...
Mela signiature

9:17 AM

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