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Thursday, January 29, 2004  

This is my new computer art piece,

I’ve been off tobacco and alcohol
for two years now.
I’m going to celebrate
by shopping at my favorite supermarket
for all those items not found in my local market.

Funny thing is, now that I no longer drink alcohol,
my local market has 20 million types of beer from all over the world-
And wines...
10 years ago there was a few nice bottles of wine in the local liquor store-
But now, the supermarkets have champagnes & wines of all sorts.
I have to smile when I think back on
all the aggressive verbal prodding
I used to indulge in to the store managers to get in a more varied stock.
I don’t know if this had anything to do with the changes
at present-

Maybe people just get out more.

Time to start the nudge towards getting a delicatessen.

Shoot for the moon, I always say...

Till next time... ‘Mela

11:50 AM

Sunday, January 25, 2004  

Daffodils on my desk
make the cold outside more tolerable.
I also love the scent of daffodils,
does anyone know of a perfume like it?

The Grammys are just around the bend,
and I'd like to get something really annoying off my chest.
I know when you deal with entertainers,
there is a certain amount of ego involved,
but this case takes the cake in my estimation:
The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler has been nominated for a grammy,
for her Bette Midler Sings The Rosemary Clooney Songbook.
OK. Fine.
But here's the bit that just gets on my last nerve-
She wants to withdraw
out of respect for Rosemary Clooney
because she has also been nominated posthumously
for her last recording, The Last Concert .
"She has never won a Grammy", the Divine one says...
I see...
And because you want to step down, this should pave the way, hmmm?

Rosemary Clooney had true class,
and a quality as an entertainer
that needs no special attention drawn to it.
Her talent certainly doesn't need anyone to bow out in her
Bette Midler has shown respect enough in doing Rosemary's Songbook.
All this poo pooing to me is not respect,
it's patronization-

And what a nerve.

These awards in my opinion
are given sparingly, or not at all-
To people who truly deserve them...
It has never really been solely about talent has it?
More like record sales.
And who promotes that?

Warron Zevon is a classic example.
Such an incredible talent,
nominated at last,
for his last album, The Wind.

Numb As A Statue

I'm numb as a statue
I may have to beg, borrow or steal
Some feelings from you
So I can have some feelings too

I'm pale as a ghost
You know what I love about you
That's what I need the most
I'm gonna beg, borrow or steal
Some feelings from you
I'm gonna beg, borrow or steal
So I can have some feelings too

I don't care if it's superficial
You don't have to dig down deep
Just bring enough for the ritual
Get here before I fall asleep

Ain't nothing special
When the present meets the past
I've always taken care of business
I've paid my first and last

- Warren Zevon

lyrics Warren Zevon & Jorge Calderón


Till next time... 'Mela

10:15 AM

Friday, January 23, 2004  

Athena Copyright 2004 Pamela MacCarthy

This is my new computer art piece called "Athena" .

The Greek Goddess of Wisdom,
and Battle...

Athena, I had no idea how much I'd need her
In peaceful times I hold her close and I feed her
My heart starts palpitating when I think my guess was wrong
But I think I'll get along
She's just a girl - she's a bomb

Athena, all I ever want to do is please her
My life has been so settled and she's the reason
Just one word from her and my troubles are long gone
But I think I'll get along
She's just a girl - she's a bomb

-The Who

Till next time... 'Mela

12:17 PM

Thursday, January 22, 2004  

Cardinal bracing the snow

Birds are cool.
They don't talk a lot,
and when they do,
it's a song...

Till next time... 'Mela

10:39 AM

Monday, January 19, 2004  

It's a cold, snowy morning...
Big fat snowflakes float on down to the street below...

I have some live dates coming up in February...
Jazz Spot "J" Shinjuku
Feb 10th, Tuesday.
Keisaku Takahashi, piano
Tomoya Hara, guitar
Ichi Takata, bass
Yosuke Hase, drums

Also at Tokyo Dome Hotel,
The Artist Cafe, Feb 19th, Thursday,

with Tom Pierson on piano.

I am looking forward to playing with Tom again,
our last gig together was at B-Flat Akasaka,
with the Mike Price Jazz Quintet on Christmas Eve,
a great night...

I hope to see you!

Till next time... 'Mela

10:48 AM

Thursday, January 15, 2004  

I just love this flower, don't you?
The fragrance of it,
the graceful buds and blooms...
This photo is by a lady in the Netherlands named Marian van Heuveln...

This time of year for me is durge city...
I need rejuvenation,
and as the British artist David Hockney says:
"Yellow is the color of hope".

I love to go to flower markets and hang out
with the masses of flowers.
They are so full of a vibrancy of the moment...

Lately in my supermarket,
they are playing music that sounds like it came out of a time capsule of
the 1960's.
I can't help but sing and bop along,
I cut my teeth on this music...
With my little cart perusing the aisles:
I see a red door and I want it painted blaaa-ack...

Meanwhile the locals are completely unaffected.

This is a constant source of amusement to me.

I can't tell you is what it felt like to be listening to Bob Dylan sing:

How does it feel -
How does it feel ?
To be on your own,
with no direction home,
a complete unknown,
just like a rolling stone...

In a supermarket in a suburb of Tokyo.

'Takes on a completely different meaning than hearing it
on Cousin Brucie's WABC as a kid.

I looked in the mirror and smiled at myself...

Sometimes you can be in a top flite department store
and hear Prince singing You sexy muthafucka
or Snoop Dog getting extremely funky,
because most Japanese don't understand the lyrics,
they just like "popular" music.

Where else could you hear Grand Master Flash:
White Lines goin' through my mind...

In Bloomindale's?
Or Lord & Taylor's ?
It's so surreal here at times,
but in a good way...

Ah, it's fresh broccoli and :

Wheeeeeere the boys are...


Till next time... 'Mela

8:51 AM

Tuesday, January 13, 2004  

Yesterday was a holiday here.
I didn't know what one until I rode my bike
on the trail to the supermarket.
I passed by a bevy of beautifully dressed girls in kimono.
It was Coming of Age day here.
When young people turn 20,
they become legal, cherie...

The 20 year old's kimono is a treat for the eyes-

In Japanese custom,
the younger girls wear brighter colors,
and as women mature,
her colors become more muted.

I saw girls in peach, salmon, mint green, and lilac colored
with the most elegant white ostrich feathered shawls.
The hair is adorned with colorful hair ornaments;
little white tabi, [toe socks]
with gold geta;
a kind of platform thonged sandal,
and carrying the cutest little satin beaded bags...
Such a beautiful thing to see,
the smile of a 20 year old girl in this attire...

The young men wear dark suits.

Together they go all dressed up to the City Hall for a ceremony formally declaring them adults.

In America,
the closest thing to coming of age is "The Prom".
It has no legal bearing ,though,
as this happens when kids are still in high school-
And, it is not mandatory, thank God...
But from the dress up part of it,
it seems similar.

I remember as a young girl my distaste at the thought of
being in,
or seeing, a room full of pastels.

I never went to my prom.
I watched "The Devil's Brigade" on TV.

My black evening dress would have to wait till I
went on stage a few years later...

But I definately digress...

I did see one girl in a dark kimono...

Till next time... 'Mela

5:05 PM

Monday, January 12, 2004  

Resonance Copyright 2004 Pamela MacCarthy

This is my first computer art piece for 2004.

After getting my repaired computer back,
I was able to play CD's on it once again,
and it's a thrill for me to just let my imagination take over...

I like to use myself as a model.
I have been accused in the past of narcissism,
but to those who don't understand I say:
Look it up in your Funk & Wagnall's.

I draw myself as a writer uses an alter ego.
I sometimes mix my image with people I have known or met,
whom remain in my memory,
and in some cases,
people I have yet to meet.
I think my drawings tell a story that I'm
not yet aware of-
So rather than to edit or question,
I just let it go.

Go here to see more...

"If you can dream it, it is possible" -Benjamin Franklin

Soliciting for seeds
for my money tree plantation
Don’t want no golden goose-
No lottery ticket will save the day
'Got to let my imagination loose...

-Pamela MacCarthy

Happy Birthday to Howard Stern and Rush Limbaugh.

Till next time... 'Mela

10:45 AM

Saturday, January 10, 2004  

I'm very happy to report my own
is back on my desk...

Glad to be back.

More tomorrow...


5:37 PM

Friday, January 09, 2004  

Happy Birthday to me!

Neon Birthday Cake

Till next time... 'Mela

6:01 AM

Wednesday, January 07, 2004  

The guy came to haul my computer to the Apple hospital...

I cleared away all semblages of the holidays,
there are no traditions I follow for this,
I was just feeling kind of like moving on, already...

My birthday is this Friday, January 9th.
I won't be performing for it like last year-
So my second wish is:

To take a trip to the most excellent beaches of Thailand...

Phi Phi Leh beach Thailand

Let's meet on this beach in the picture, OK?
This is close to the place where the movie "The Beach"
with Leonard Di Caprio was filmed.

Sign me up for some Phi Phi Leh beach action...

January is the birth month of a lot of my friends;
Ora from Mississippi, Pedy from Thailand,
Debby from Los Angeles,
my vocal student Nami from Tokyo,
Mike P. from Tokyo, Ichi from Tokyo,
and I'm sure there are more that I'm forgetting...

Today is the birthday of one of my oldest friends;
Debby in L.A.
We go back a long way.
We got herstory...
Have a fabulously Happy Birthday, Debby!

Please send me notes at this contact email,
until my computer is back in the saddle again...

Till next time... 'Mela

11:20 AM

Friday, January 02, 2004  

3 Monkeys at Tosho-gu Shrine

Akemashite Omedeto Gozai Masu.

Completely great timing- not.
My computer has gone on the blink.
Computers don't think,
or have ill will, do they?
To pick the New Year hiatus is really a bad time to
have a computer repaired.
Japan shuts down for three solid days.
I'll have the guys come round and take my
Bondi blue wonder to the Mac / [Cr]APPLE shop
to try and put HUMPTY back in working order again...

So to anyone who has sent me an email,
and wonders if I've gone away for the holiday-
[no reply]
Guess again,
or better yet-
My email addresses are all locked up in the bucket of bolts.
I expect to have my computer back up
sometime around January 13...
This is 4 days AFTER my birthday.
So please, write to me at this contact address!
Till then, I'll be a guest
on my friends' computer to retrieve email,
and to drop an occasional weblog entry...

My New Year's Eve was a very quiet time.
I stayed home.

I now use this slow time to hatch plans for the coming year.
Without my computer in the morning routine,
I have started doing what I used to do in the mornings-
I get a lot of ideas this way.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

Till next time...           'Mela

9:38 PM

Thursday, January 01, 2004  

Happy New Year - animated

Till next time... 'Mela

1:01 AM

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