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Friday, October 31, 2003  

Helloween by Pamela MacCarthy

H A P P Y   
H A L L O W E E N !

I want to thank all my family and friends for tuning in to the Mama Jazz Show .
It was really a special thrill hearing myself and my fellow musicians:
Akio Ueda-tenor sax
Shuichiro Ise- trumpet
Tod Carver- guitar
Keisaku Takahashi-piano
Karl Kaminski - bass
Jimmie Smith-drums
on the air ...

Special thanks to my sis Wendy for keeping me online company.
And of course, Phyllis Campbell, Mama Jazz...

Also to my lovely niece Caralaina

Till next time... 'Mela

11:16 AM

Wednesday, October 29, 2003  

Mama Jazz at WMUB

I just got an email from Phyllis Campbell,
or Mama Jazz
She will be including me on her broadcast
Thursday evening, starting at 8pm EST,
or Friday morning, from 10am in Tokyo.
Click the picture to go to the online broadcast!

Thanks to Phyllis Campbell, of course, for playing my CD-
and my friend Johan,
for gettin' me hip to the MAMA...

I signed my painting today,
putting a finishing touch to a month and a half of work.
I will post an image of "LOTUS POND"

I'm so excited I can hardly type.
I need some chamomile tea,
or better yet- a bike ride along the river!

Till next time... 'Mela

1:01 PM

Monday, October 27, 2003  
Animated pumpkin

It was a lovely Indian Summer type of night last night.
I went with my student to Karasuyama,
to the Karasuyama Jazz Festival.

There was a certain Hammond B-3 player there I wanted to check out.
He wasn't going on till last,
so there was time for a stroll in the streets...

We stopped in this lovely shop
where I met a guy named Hiroki.
He makes silver jewelry, and assessories,
he is also a talented designer,
and his shop was a reflection of it-
Beautiful potted plants and antique furniture
were arranged so elegantly.
Parakeets flew about in large, roomy,
hand-made cages of chickenwire-
He also made lampshades and sculptures of wire.
It was like wandering around in The Village,
in his store...

Next, back to the concert hall.

We arrived back a little early to catch the last act, which was Sakai-san's show.
A good thing.
The quintet that was up, was jammin'.
I heard those drums, which sounded like a boom bass in a gansta ride,
and I knew...
It was Cecil Monroe.
He is one of the most sought after drummers in Tokyo,
and he is also an old friend.
Playing piano was a guy named Fukuda, really nice energy, and on bass, another old friend, Kosugi-san. Playing some nice trumpet solo was a guy named Okazaki.

I'm glad I didn't miss that set.

Next, Ushio Sakai.
I've been waiting to check him out.
He plays a Hammond B-3,C-3, and XB-5, and piano.
This night he was playing his XB-5.
He had some technical difficulties,
and had to play piano for a few tunes,
but then, I guess the proper wires were jiggled,
and he was on it.

He played "Nobody knows you when you're down and out"...
I waited all night to hear this kind of bluesy sound!

Sakai-san issued me an invite to sit it with him at SAKURANBO
another jazz joint on the Keio Line.
Nov 15th.
I'll be there...

The night was mighty dark so you could hardly see,
and the moon refused to shine
there's a couple sittin' neath a willow tree for a love-ly pine
Little Mary's 'fraid of dark,
so she says "I think I'll go...
Boy begins to sigh, looks up at the sky,
and tells the moon his little tale of woe- oh:

Shine on, shine on harvest moon
up in the sky
I ain't had no lovin' since January,
February, June, or July
Snow time ain't no time to sit outdoors and spoon
so shine on, shine on harvest moon
for me 'n' my gal

-Shine on Harvest Moon
Jack Norwith & Nora Bates

Till next time... 'Mela

3:34 PM

Friday, October 24, 2003  

Only 1 week till Halloween...
My favorite holiday.
Want to find a great page for all your Halloween needs?
Go here !
Happy Halloween birthday in advance to Curly Johnson
over at Curly's Halloween.
He really gets you in the spirit of things...


Till next time... 'Mela

9:20 AM

Tuesday, October 21, 2003  

It was a good night last night.
My student and I went to Kei's place
for the Monday night jam session.
I met a few new people;
a young tenor man that could blow alittle...
Goddamn smoky, though.
It's a relatively small place, and I don't know what it is about live music,
but people just got to smoke.
I quit almost 2 years ago.
Now it seems that smoke bothers me more than ever.
Cough cough... where was I?

My student did well.
But there were a few hitches...
There were a bass player and drummer in the mix-
quite a different picture than the one I had imagined with piano only.
I love the bass and drums,
if it's with musicians I know and I like their style.
But bass players who go boompa boompa boompa,
just beatin' that dog with no singin' goin' on -
get the drummer in the mood to play too damn loud.
Such was the case last night.
The pianist was sensitive, but if the bass player is on oof,
well, what can you do?
If it was me up there,
people would have been notified.
But it was my student,
and I must resist the urge to fight her battles-
Not the best of stages for a beginning vocalist,
but my student was happy for the opportunity...

Next, on over to BFlat, to see Mike Price and his quintet-
He was backing up Joe Lee Wilson.
My student and I caught the end of the show,
but, as always, Joe was right on time...

The first time I met Joe was a few years back,
he came over from Paris to sing at the KEY NOTE in Harajuku with Archie Shepp,that absolutely divine tenorman-
Joining him was my very old and dear piano playin' friend, Richie Clements
whom I know from my piano bar days in NYC.

I originally came to see Richie,
but I was so thrilled to meet Joe, and later, Archie...

It was a good night to be out, last night.
There was music in the air, and that lovely October night feeling...

Almost forgot to mention,
I sent my press kit in today to
the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2004
music production crew...
Here's hoping...

Till next time... 'Mela

9:56 AM

Sunday, October 19, 2003  

This photo is by Cheryl Tessens, a winner of the daily photo contest at

Today is my sister Wendy's birthday.
I have three beautiful sisters.
Wendy is #3 in line.
I am the oldest.
We were all born within five years...

Hope you have a great day!

Till next time... Mela

10:35 PM

Friday, October 17, 2003  

This Monday, I am taking my vocal student to a "vocal jam session".
I know, I know.
The very idea of a "jam session"
brings back memories of
horror and dread.
But this "jam" session is limited to aspiring vocalists.
My friend Kei Ishida over at Bossa Nova/Jazz Club Kei
has this event most Mondays.
It is a good opportunity for my student to get accustomed
to using a microphone,
and performing in a live situation,
without the pressure of drawing in the customers.

When I did it, it was called "working in a piano bar"
But the times they are a changin'...

I perform at Club Kei on occasion-
My next time there will be Dec. 12th, Friday.
I'll post more info on that on my website next week...

In any event, my student has been preparing and rehearsing for this,
and I think she'll do well.
I offer her tips on proper breathing exercises for vocal power,
diction, phrasing and timing.
I've had to learn these things the hard way,
over time and experience-
but I'm not opposed to sharing a few tips...

When I was starting out,
they had a place called "UPSTAIRS on GREENE STREET"...
It used to feature showcases for up and comers.
I remember it well, the angst of performing for a true
listening crowd,
as opposed to the piano bar scene,
where clinking glasses and loud merry making
made it necessary for me to belt out a tune,
or not be heard.
The days of winging it...

You can't teach that.
But I can assist one who has the inclination...

And just let me say for the record that I am a fervent

Kick some bean-town butt, OK?

Till next time... 'Mela

12:28 PM

Tuesday, October 14, 2003  

Eensie WeensieDecember is whipping into shape...
I can breathe a sigh of relief.
My calendar has been looking [gig wise]
out like trout in a drout...
But being the seasoned professional I am,
I know that things ebb and flow,
and one shouldn't get too down about a lack of dates.
It's when there's a lack of plentiful cake-ola
in my life and times that I get in a twist...

I got an email from a fellow transplanted-to-Tokyo musician,
asking me if I want some sheet music from "The Colony"
as he is in New York for a couple days.
How nice.
I used to go to that store all the time,
when I lived in the Apple.
They got sheet music, sheet music,
and if you are really in need, sheet music.
Also, a very cool staff, with some really knowledgeable guys who will find the music you want, or tell you where to go ... to find it.

Goddammit, I miss NEW YORK.
Wouldn't that be a great song?

And now for the fourth week -topping the Billboard Jazz Charts,
Pamela MacCarthy singing her self-penned tune:
Tell us, Miz Mac, what spurred you on to write such a perrenial favorite?

It's too dark to paint today,

I'm listening to "Danse Macabre" by Saint-Saen...

Till next time... 'Mela

9:02 AM

Wednesday, October 08, 2003  

© 1996 Pamela MacCarthy

"The Persimmon"

37 cm x 45 cm gouache

Persimmon are called "kaki" here in Japan....

The trees are everywhere; this painting was done in October,
when the fruit just starts to become bright orange, and ripe...

It's in supermarkets now; it has a subtle flavor, not overpoweringly sweet or tangy.

To me they are a symbol of Autumn in Japan.
In November, the leaves get as orange as the fruit,
then drop off, while some fruit still clings to the branches...
A poignant site, with a dusting of the first snow...

Till next time... 'Mela

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11:09 AM

Sunday, October 05, 2003  

October is my favorite month.
I love the night time sky
and the smell of the fields.

I listened to a radio station from Oslo, Norway, today.
A classical station.

I watched the movie Ed Wood.
I saw it before when it first came out, and I didn't think much of it- then.
But this time around I just LOVE it.

I love all the characters:
Johnny Depp as Ed Wood; writer, producer, and director of the type of movies I used to pay $1.25 on Hollywood Blvd. to see:
B movies.
The kind where the movies aren't so much the entertainment, as the audiences reactions to them.

Johnny Depp brings new depth to any role he's in,
but in this film his character Ed Wood has a thing for angora ...

Martin Landau is so funny as Bela Lugosi;
"Velcome home? I hev no home..."
When anyone is told that he will star in Wood's next film,
they all say: "Isn't he dead?"

And then there's Lisa Marie as Vampira.
Vampira was the original character that Elvira styled her act on,
but alas, not so in court...

Bill Murray is a treasure as the hormone ingesting future sex change...
Plus a cast of other equally odd characters, each with their own special quirk.
Tim Burton is the director.
It's in B&W.
I love this film-
It's soooooo Hollywood!

I feel Halloween in the air.
Everything seems to have a Gothic quality.
I spent 2 hours looking at Gothic corsets.
Now there was some time well spent.

I'm 3/4 done painting.
My hands are embedded with sap green paint.

I listened to Ella Fitzgerald's recording: "The boy from Ipanema"
coming from Rio De Janeiro, BRASILIA!
Online radio RULES.

And when he passes she smiles but he doesn't see...
he looks out to sea
he doesn't see me...

Till next time... 'Mela

5:18 PM

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